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Maziah Hanum


      Ya ALLAH, when I lose hope, help me to remember that YOUR care is greater than my disappointments and YOUR plans for my life is better than my dreams Kadangkala hidup penuh kepura-puraan To get something in return, u need to sacrifice something kadangkala senyap itu lebih bagus dari bercakap a straight forward person, just talk what come across my mind and sorry if I'm hurt your feeling but the most important thing I am not being hypocrite. "Jika perancangan kita tidak menjadi seperti yang diharapkan, INGATLAH & SENYUMLAH.. Manusia merancang dengan cita-cita, tetapi Allah merancang dengan cintanya" If a promise is meant to be broken, never try to make even one. Trying to immerse myself into journal, book and books and books writing a thesis is like moving from one soul to another soul, I try to move one. But it will take a long time. My mood please be good to me.