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Meagan Tompkins

  • BSc, BEd, MES
  • York University

    Research interests

    species at riskontariopollinatorsconservation biologyecologyradio taggingbumblebees


    My PhD work in the Department of Biology, at York University, Toronto, Canada, focuses on bumblebees in protected areas. My goals are to quantify foraging and home ranges for both common and at-risk bumblebee species. My work involves the use of radio tagging to determine the frequency, duration, and distance of foraging behaviour in these species, and will begin in the Koffler Scientific Reserve in King City, ON. It is my hope that this novel data will serve to inform protected area and conservation policies in southern Ontario in the near future.



    York University

    January 2016 - Present


    York University

    September 2014 - August 2016(2 years)


    Charles Sturt University - Ontario Campus

    September 2007 - August 2008(a year)


    Mount Allison University

    September 2003 - May 2007(4 years)