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Mehran Pourvahab

  • PhD Student
  • Islamic Azad University Rasht Branch
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Mehran Pourvahab is Director of Information Communication & Technology (ICT) at Azad University, Langarud (IAUL) and also Network Administrator at MehranNet Internet Service Provider (ISP). He was born in Rudsar, Guilan, Iran in 1981. In 1997 he established first computer store in Rudsar & Langarud of Guilan province of IRAN. He graduated from Azad university, Lahijan branch with associate degree in computer in 2001. In 2001 he founded the first Internet service provider (ISP) in Langarud city of Guilan province of IRAN. He started studying computer software engineering at Azad University, Bafgh branch in 2008 and got his Bachelor degree in 2011. At the same year, he accepted for his master at University of Guilan at Rasht, Iran and received his master degree in Information Technology Engineering-Networking in 2013. In between, he also received the Mikrotik trainer certificate in 2011. He is also currently working as Director of Information Communication & Technology at Azad University of Guilan province. He is currently a PhD in computer engineering at IAU of Rasht Branch. His work focuses on the Software-defined networking (SDN).


PhD student in Computer Engineering

Islamic Azad University, Rasht Branch

September 2015 - Present

Master's degree, Information Technology Engineering - Networking

Guilan University

September 2010 - September 2012(2 years)