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Micah Altman profile photo

Micah Altman, Ph.D.'s Publications

Director of Research & Head/Scientist, Program on Information Research -- MIT Libraries, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Research field: Social Sciences - Library and Information Science
Social and Information Scientist

Journal Article

Micah Data Synthesis Task Group (Altman, Phil Archer, Christine Borgman, Amy Brand, Jan Brase, Sarah Callaghan, Kathleen Cass, Bonnie Carroll, Dan Cohen, Anita DeWaard, Michael Diepenbroek, Ruth Duerr, Paul Groth, Stephanie Hagstrom, Ivan Herman, Simon Hodson, Joe Hourclé, Yannis Ioannidis, Elizabeth Iorns, Puneet Kishor, Hylke Koers, Kerstin Lehnert, Natalia Manola, Maryann Martone, Jo McEntyre, Mustapha Mokrane, Mark Parsons, Stefan Proell, Andreas Rauber, David Shotton, Eefke Smit, Tim Smith, Joan Starr, Paul Uhlir, Hannelore) Vanhaverbeke (2014) Joint Principles for Data Citation.
Micah Altman, Mercè Crosas (2014) The Evolution of Data Citation: From Principles to Implementation, 1-19. In IASSIST Quarterly.
Micah Altman, Elizabeth Arnaud, Christine Borgman, Sarah Callaghan, Jan Brase, Todd Carpenter, Vishwas Chavan, Daniel Cohen, Mark Hahnel, John Helly, Puneet Kishor, Jianhui Li, Franciel Linares, Brian McMahon, Karen MorgenRoth, Yasuhiro Muryama, Fiona Murphy, Gini Palnisamy, Mark Parsons, Soren Roug, Helge Sagen, Eeke Smit, Martie VanDeneter, Paul Uhlir, Koji Zettsu, Yvonne (Editor) Socha (2013) OUT OF CITE , OUT OF MIND : THE CURRENT STATE OF PRACTICE , POLICY , AND TECHNOLOGY, 1-75. In Data Science Journal 12 (September).
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Micah Altman, Michael P Mcdonald (2012) Redistricting Principles for the Twenty-First Century, 1-26. In Case-Western Law Review 62 (4).
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Micah Altman, John Fox, Simon Jackman (2011) An Introduction to the Special Volume on Political Methodology, 1-5. In Journal Of Statistical Software 42 (1).
Michael Altman, Michael P McDonald (2011) BARD: Better automated redistricting, 1-28. In Journal Of Statistical Software 42 (4).
Micah Altman, Simon Jackman (2011) Nineteen Ways of Looking at Statistical Software, 1-12. In Journal Of Statistical Software 42 (2).
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Micah Altman, Michael P. McDonald (2011) The Dawn of Do-It-Yourself Redistricting ?, 38-42. In Campaigns & Elections.
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Micah Altman, M MCDONALD (2010) The Promise and Perils of Computers in Redistricting, 69–159. In Duke J Const Law Pub Poly.
Micah Altman, Bryan Beecher, Jonathan Crabtree (2009) A Prototype Platform for Policy-Based Archival Replication, 44-47. In Against the Grain 21 (2).
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Micah Altman, Jonathan Crabtree, Darrell Donakowski, Mark Maynard, Amy Pienta, Copeland Young (2009) Digital Preservation Through Archival Collaboration: The Data Preservation Alliance for the Social Sciences, 170-184. In The American Archivist 72 (1).
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Myron Gutmann, Mark Abrahamson, Margaret O Adams, Micah Altman, Caroline Arms, Kenneth Bollen, Michael Carlson, Jonathan Crabtree, Darrell Donakowski, Gary King, Jared Lyle, Marc Maynard, Amy Pienta, Richard Rockwell, Lois Timms-Ferrara, Copeland Young (2009) From Preserving the Past to Preserving the Future: The Data-PASS Project and the challenges of preserving digital social science data, 315-337. In Library Trends 57 (3).
Micah Altman (2009) Funding, Funding., 521-526. In PS: Political Science & Politics 42 (3).
Micah Altman, Gary King (2007) A Proposed Standard for the Scholarly Citation of Quantitative Data, 1082–9873. In DLib Magazine 13 (3/4).
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Micah Altman, Jeff Gill, Michael P McDonald (2007) Accuracy: tools for accurate and reliable statistical computing, 1-30. In Journal of Statistical Software 21 (1).