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Michael Logic


      Totally Evil I am very intelligent. I know computers inside and out. I am very polite and charming. I have achieved a lot over the last couple of years, especially with regard to dealing with stresses how to withdraw myself from uncomfortable situation before I reaches the melt down stage. I am fantastic and caring person and I am sure one day that I will use this skills to impress and help people and the world!! “Funny, engaging, cool, annoying, stubborn, focussed and generally just great”. More Personal I am unique, unpredictable, intelligent, and fascinating. I draws women toward me with sheer electricity. I can go through many relationships, and always wants to remain friends with them all. I need my freedom and won't flinch when I am flinging tears. I don't expect people understand me. I find my ideas are usually ahead of our time and I tend to concentrate on all of humanity, not just myself or my loved ones. In a relationship, I look for woman who is strong and overtly dominating. This is strange as I can cannot be controlled--in fact I love this type of women because they present me with a challenge. What is the best way to shock her today? That question may be part my fascination--it keeps my mind working furiously. Sexually, I can be very inventive and experimental, but my ardour may be less passionate than some of the other risings. I likes to see how things work, and that includes my partner's body.