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Michael P Owens

  • Michael P. Owens of Real Media Marketing, Inc.


    An entrepreneur who has founded and led companies across multiple industries for more than 25 years, Michael P. Owens serves as the owner and chief executive officer of Real Media Marketing, Inc. (RMM). Through the Costa Mesa, California, consultancy, Owens assists start-up companies with capitalization, branding, staffing, and all other major concerns associated with building a new business. His 20-person staff offers guidance in establishing business models, as well as in developing and reaching feasible milestones. Additionally, his employees offer physical and digital marketing aid ranging from launching fully integrated advertising campaigns to building websites. Another specialty Michael P. Owens offers his client companies, is comprehensive training programs for large scale sales forces. Owens has expansive knowledge of sales tactics and management which he utilizes to create successful, revenue generating companies which are better able to represent their brand within their respective marketplace. Prior to founding RMM, Owens performed as a managing member of PowerPlay Marketing LLC. This full-service marketing and sales firm acquired customers for companies in the deregulated energy sector, particularly the Chicago-based PowerOne Corporation. Responsible for finding new clients, Michael P. Owens inspired tens of thousands of people to switch to a lower-cost energy provider. In April 2014, PowerOne Corporation purchased PowerPlay Marketing, which garnered it $1.5 million in assets as well as a greater opportunity to expand its marketing abilities.