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Mihai Coman

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  • College of Journalism and media StudiesUniversity of Bucarest, Romania
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Professional experience


College of Journalism and media StudiesUniversity of Bucarest, Romania

March 1990 - Present


Born in Fagaras, Romania, in 1953, Mihai Coman has graduated from the College of Letters within the University of Bucharest (1976), and holds a PhD in Letters (1985). He was the first Dean of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication Studies within the University of Bucharest, being considered the founder of journalism and communication education in Romania. Until 1989 he had specialized in cultural anthropology studies on Romanian folklore. He has published four volumes of mythology studies and a vast synthesis on animal mythology (Bestiarul mitologic roman, 1986, 1988, second edition published in 1996). Other mythology studies have appeared in scientific journals L’Ethnologie francaise, Etudes indo-europeennes, Kurier. After 1989 he published the reference volume Introducere in sistemul mass media and he has started to elaborate the theoretical and analitical framework of the mass media anthropology. In 2003, as a synthesis of these investigations, he published with Presses Universitaires de Grenoble the book Pour une anthropologie des medias, and in 2005 he co-edited (with Eric Rothenbuhler) the pathbreaking reader Media Anthropology at Sage Publ. He has also published numerous scientific studies in journals and collective volumes dedicated to the transformations in the mass media in post-communist countries and the books Media in Romania (A Sourcebook), Berlin, Vistas Verlang, 2004, and Mass Media and Journalism in Romania (with Peter Gross), Vistas, Berlin, 2006.

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