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Mikey Gor

  • OPT
  • Verizon Communications


    I'm from Maryland. We're not from the South, nor do we have an accent. We're also not New England, we're the Mid Atlantic. It's soda, not pop. It's a sub, not a hoagie. It's the beach not the shore and we drink water not "Wooder". It's acceptable to say "where y'all goin?" in short of "where are you going?" It's pizza not pie. It's DC not Washington. We know what bad traffic really looks like, how to use a traffic circle, and how to pump our own gas. We know what and where the Naval Academy is. It's not unusual to eat at a resturant with no shirts, no shoes, and your boat parked out front. We love crabs, corn, and beer. There is no place like it.

    Professional experience


    Verizon Communications

    May 2012 - Present


    Montgomery County Government

    February 2008 - January 2015(7 years)

    Ropes Course Facilitator

    Bar-T Mountainside

    January 2007 - January 2012(5 years)