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Mimi H.

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    A lady of strong moral character and commitment to my values. a drama queen with a lot of character, sense of humour & depth behind that face. warm, amusing and conquering days with endless laughter wherever i am. quite random,with major lack of concentration, wild days and even wilder nights, quirky, bubbly and my devotion is limitless. ALWAYS have sooooooo much energy like one of those duracell bunnies. Although outsiders might be thrown back by my feistiness, when i want, am infinite with my love, compassion & concern to those close to me but get on my wrong side & my temper will blow you away with the limits of my short short fuse. i am unique in my nature, quite unfamiliar to many, and a baby to few, a princess to mummy but beyond all id like to believe am a mini pearl of the middle east. " Had Beirut not been my city I would have chosen it to be." - Khalil Gibran BB PIN 20EDD9C7 tweet tweet @remimzy

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