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Moreno Mitrovic

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    • Diachronic Displacement: Coordination and &2 in Slavic

      • Mitrovic M
    • Revisiting LBE: Some Remarks on Remnant PP-fronting and Subextraction

      • Mitrovic M


    BA (Hons.) in Linguistics and English Literature (double major)

    University of York

    October 2007 - July 2010(3 years)

    MPhil in Linguistics (specialising in diachronic syntax)

    University of Cambridge


    I am a graduate student in Linguistics at the University of Cambridge. I work mainly on theoretical and diachronic syntax, under the supervision of Prof. Ian Roberts. My main interests lie in formal generative linguistic theory and its application to diachronic material. So far, I have worked on Slovene parameters of phi-featural dependencies and verbal positions, mass/count distinction & semantics of quantification, and European onomastics. I am currently working on the sytax of coordination in Indo-European in general and Sanskrit in particular.

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