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Mostafa Adel

  • matareya teaching hospital


    -I think it 's sooo hard for any one to describe himself but i 'll try to describe myself from my humble point of view :)...I'm a big child,funny, quiet,kind,faithful,responsible,Very moody.sometimes I'm very aggresive but only with those who deserve,so don't try to use my kindness or mess with me coz i 'll knock u out in the 1st round or even before it :PP :)).... -I hold all the contadictions inside me even Sometimes i think i may be schizophrenic.some times i 'm very innocent, shy and quiet,others i 'm the devil himself ;))..sometimes I'm hyperactive even some of my friends think that my day must be longer than 24 hours to do all the things i do,and sometimes I'm more lazy than a bear :D.. sometimes I'm more revolutionary than Guevara himself but others I find myself more contented and satisfied than an egyptian housewife :))..but the only thing that never changes in me is the ambition and the ability to dream. I'm a dreamer but I don't live in the world of my dreams, I always try to bring them to my real world :) -I can't stop making tricks and making fun of every thing...but when I'm down u'd better back off coz killing myself is n't an option but killing others...mmmm.. why nt?!! :PP :D .. -I used to think that I might be CURSED to choose such a career with all this stress,physical and mental exhaustion and all these silly after midnight phone calls from people asking u the most silly questions..but I must admit,I still like it :D -I was told once that I'm UNIQUE long time ago.I used to take this one word as the best description of me But n't -excuse my arrogance and vanity- I believe that this word is even less than me..I'm way better than that :PP :D -believe me Nobody - including me - knows me 100%,but at least u can try. simply,i m just : ) discover the rest ur self and tell me..

    Professional experience

    matareya teaching hospital

    June 2010 - Present

    resident of pediatrics and neonatology

    Ghamra Military Hospital

    April 2009 - May 2010(a year)