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Natalia Herrero

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Research interests

Connected devicesIndustry 4.0Smart devicesIoTInternet of Things


Visit my blog for further information. Most of the recent IoT studies, which involve primary data collection, have focused on anticipating consumer adoption of this new smart technology and its connected devices applying the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). The key conclusion across these studies is the fact that the majority of consumers hadn’t heard of the term before, which suggest another methodology and research study must be designed. My aim is to contribute to the existing academic knowledge about the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) Technology. The purpose of this research project is to develop a new conceptual framework that reflects the business opportunity the Internet of Things represents for different sectors, its value to the society, key industry providers and regulatory bodies. The findings might have practical applications for stakeholders, end users and industry providers. Besides, this paper will be helpful in suggesting the research road ahead, in order to allow a massive deployment of IoT systems in real world. Objectives: - To find out the business opportunity behind the deployment of the Internet of Things by looking at existing and new business models within the IT industry. - To list and analyse the existing challenges in the adoption of this technology. - To uncover the value of IoT perceived by the end user, stakeholders and industry providers. - To name the top industry providers fiercely fighting for their market share within the IoT sector. - To analyse the standards bodies in charge of drawing the standards and establishing IoT protocols across the industry.

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Collinson Insurance Services Ltd

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MSc in Electronic Publishing

City University

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