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Natasha Lakaev

  • Dedicated to Holistic Psychological Rehabilitation
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Self Employed

    Professional experience

    Clinical Psychologist

    Self Employed

    January 2000 - Present


    Master of Psychology (Clinical

    Charles Sturt University

    January 2011 - December 2012(2 years)

    Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology

    Bond University

    April 2007 - August 2008(a year)

    Graduate Dilpoma of Psychology

    Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

    January 2001 - December 2006(6 years)


    A clinical psychologist and Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) mental health service provider, Natasha Lakaev practices with Gold Coast Medicare Local and North Coast Medicare Local in Australia. She works closely with couples, individuals, and families, and has clients of all ages. In working with adolescents, Natasha Lakaev addresses issues such as eating disorders and depression anxiety. She emphasizes a supportive, holistic approach in helping teens come to terms with stress due to peer pressure, social phobia, and high academic expectations. She assesses clients’ behavior, memory, and adaptive skills using a broad-based approach that spans social and community factors. Ms. Lakaev’s background includes managing Australia’s top hospitality training company and productively guiding staff and team members in a dynamic, results-focused environment. With a background in environmental science and sustainable farming, she has helped develop and maintain more than 10 real estate properties. On one 100-acre property, Natasha Lakaev oversaw the removal of invasive weeds and the planting of native species. Her efforts enabled a rehabilitated forest to thrive and allowed the production of organic produce based on permaculture and biodynamic principles.