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Neil Frederick Calderon


      Introverted Intuitive Thinking Judging "The Scientist" "The Strategist" ͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦ●ͦͦ Neil is not threatened by conflict or criticism ● Neil is usually self-confident ͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦ●ͦͦ Neil takes his relationships and commitments seriously ● Neil is generally extremely intelligent and capable (Wahahaha) ͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦ●ͦͦ Neil is able to leave a relationship which should be ended, although may dwell on it in my mind for a while afterwards ● Neil is insensitive at times ● Neil may tend to respond to conflict with logic and reason, rather than the desired emotional support ● Neil is not naturally good at expressing feelings and affections ● Neil has the tendency to believe that he’s always right ● Neil is unwilling to accept blame ͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦͦ●ͦͦ Neil's constant quest to improve everything may be taxing on relationships ● Neil tends to hold back emotions