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Nelida Villasenor

  • Veterinary Surgeon, MSc, PhD
  • Research Associate
  • Universidad de Chile
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Recent publications

  • Twelve-year change in tree diversity and spatial segregation in the Mediterranean city of Santiago, Chile

    • Hernández H
    • Villaseñor N
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  • Key lessons for achieving biodiversity-sensitive cities and towns

    • Ikin K
    • Le Roux D
    • Rayner L
    • et al.
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Professional experience

Research Associate

Universidad de Chile

June 2016 - Present



The Australian National University

December 2011 - December 2015(4 years)

Magister en Areas Silvestres y Conservacion de la Naturaleza

Universidad de Chile

June 2007 - December 2009(3 years)

Veterinary surgeon

Universidad de Chile

March 2001 - April 2006(5 years)


I am interested in providing scientific evidence to guide environmental decision-making. I have worked and volunteered in several research projects evaluating the effect of anthropogenic land use (urban, commercial forestry, mining and energy) on animal populations. In addition, I have studied the outcomes of management practices and strategies used to mitigate impacts of development on animal communities and populations. Through my work on these projects, I have been associated with a variety of institutions and organizations, such as The Australian National University, Universidad de Chile, Universidad de Los Lagos, NGO Yaqupacha and consulting agencies. Publications Villaseñor NR, Blanchard W, Driscoll DA, Gibbons P, and Lindenmayer DB (2015) Strong influence of local habitat structure on mammals reveals mismatch with edge effects models. Landscape Ecology 30(2): 229–245. doi:10.1007/s10980-014-0117-9 Villaseñor NR, Driscoll DA, Escobar MAH, Gibbons P, and Lindenmayer DB (2014) Urbanization impacts on mammals across urban-forest edges and a predictive model of edge effects. PLoS ONE 9(5): e97036. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0097036 Driscoll DA, Banks SC, Barton PS, Ikin K, Lentini PE, Lindenmayer DB, Smith AL, Berry LE, Burns EL, Edworthy A, Evans MJ, Gibson R, Heinsohn R, Howland B, Kay G, Munro N, Scheele BC, Stirnemann I, Stojanovic D, Sweaney N, Villasenor NR, and Westgate MJ(2014) The Trajectory of Dispersal Research in Conservation Biology. Systematic Review. PLoS ONE 9(4): e95053. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0095053 Villaseñor NR, Escobar MAH, and Estades CF (2013) There is no place like home: high homing rate and increased mortality after translocation of a small mammal. European Journal of Wildlife Research 59:749–760. doi:10.1007/s10344-013-0730-y Available online:

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  • Valerie Weinborn

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