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Nicholas Whitright

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    I got bored, decided to fill this out. BLOOD TYPE: O Positive SCHOOL: I was homeschooled from the 7th grade on. I skipped the 12th grade and took a GED test to get my diploma a year early, then I took a technical course to become an EMT(licensed in 2 states now, FL and AL[licensed to drive an ambulance in both states too]). I started classes at Wallace Community College in Dothan at the beginning of the Spring semester this year. I'm taking my prerequisite classes to get into the Nursing program this Fall semester, hopefully, so I can become an RN and eventually a Flight Nurse. MUSIC: I like rock, mostly hard rock and heavy metal. I can listen to damn near anything without a problem though, so I won't be picky about what others listen to. DO I DANCE: Most girls end up asking me this sooner or later so I'll put it here too; NO, I do NOT dance(and I generally don't sing either, if anyone else is within hearing range). BUT, I would learn how to dance, for the right girl. THE RIGHT GIRL: Physical attributes: The perfect girl, for me, would be ideally no taller than 5'5" or 5'6", but being shorter than that would not be an issue; not fat, but not skinny like a toothpick either, I guess the word I'd use is slender, or fit, maybe. Brown hair, long preferably; and beautiful eyes are a must, hazel, green, or grey being my favorite. (As of right now, I know a few girls who fit parts of that description, but I know only one who fits it completely, and she doesn't seem to be interested at all.) Age: 18 - 25. Personality: as long as she likes me for me, I really have no other parameters to put here. JOB: I was hoping to be working as an EMT by now, but instead I'm working at Little Caesars in Enterprise, AL. You won't catch me complaining though, because I've met some pretty cool people there that I work with, and there really isn't anyone there that I don't like, and maybe one or two that I REALLY like. HAIR: Yes, I like to wear my hair kinda long and I hate haircuts; No, I'm not an "Emo Fag" as some people like to put it(PS: I don't have anything against emos). If I was in a relationship with someone and she wanted me to cut it short, I would. But, if my grandma or mother asked me to, I'd fight it every step of the way. WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP: I never wanna grow up, maybe get a little older, but that's it. I don't want to be a stuffy loser adult. Even as an old guy, I plan to be a cool person. However, everyone grows up someday, and I want to be a Flight Nurse, or with some luck, determination, hard work, and skill, an Aviation Survival Technician(Rescue Swimmer) in the Coast Guard. Okay, so if you made it this far, I applaud you, for taking the time to read all my boring details. That's all I could think of to put here, but if you think I should add anything, just lemme know and I will. And don't be an ass and criticize my shit, either.

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