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Nick Gilpin


      My reality revolves around three main concepts. I want to create something amazing in this world, I never want to stop learning, and I want to have fun as I go. So far I’ve built a multitude of gadgets in Engineering classes, Robotics, and on my own, but nothing big. I’ve learned so much about myself, philosophy, music, Spanish, Science, people, technology, but it’s only been a glimpse of what’s out there. As for fun I’ve managed, with the help of Martial Arts and as many Clubs as homework will allow, to keep myself pretty entertained. In my younger days, before things like homework existed, I built club houses using improvised tools and scavenged wood from around the neighborhood. Unfortunately I haven’t had time for a club house lately, but I have kept up with a sketch journal of all the things I’m going to build as soon as I learn how. After four years of engineering classes and a few years of robotics I can almost see my ideas materializing from the other side of the page. This month I’ve made a website, a robot (including programming), and drafted an aquaponics system for my turtle. Before I knew how computers functioned my dad would always amaze me with his computer powers which were magic to eyes. The universe of computers is limitless and since then I’ve learned a couple of programming languages. Any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic and this year I’ve been able competed in the world finals in First Robotics as a Robonaut. It’s been amazing to create a machine so complex and be part of a team that’s so incredibly focused, that shows you so much, even if it takes every moment of free time I have. It’s the only thing that can pull me away from the rest of life in that way. When I first learned to read I was given a “textbook” called “How it works” which, in its 1000 pages tell you the secrets of any contraption on the planet. Since then I’ve read many books and I’ve developed a love of philosophy. I even joined a philosophy club when I started high school. However reading in English wasn’t enough so I took four years of Spanish for a little more fun. They didn’t have a 5th Spanish class, so I’ve been forced to improvise by reading my own books in Spanish and soon I’ll travel the globe to a place they speak Spanish. The first day I arrived in the robotics lab someone told me I looked too “cool” to be there. I’ve always tried as many activities as I could fit into the sixteen hours humans are awake. I’ve practiced seven years of Martial Arts and received a second degree black belt in two arts. The school was only open for so many hours so I started my own club in the city, with a Facebook page, monthly meetings and such. One I hope form one of the few Martial Arts universities in existence. At the same time, whenever possible, I go to the beach to surf or play with friends, play ultimate Frisbee, or even rugby. I don’t know where my life will take me, but I know that I’ll be able to have fun learning and creating wherever I go. In college I hope to learn how to build something amazing or at least gain the confidence to start. I hope to learn how people think, how the world works, and where I fit in. I also can’t wait to get out of my hometown and have some fun exploring the world.