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Nicolas Fanin

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  • Does variability in litter quality determine soil microbial respiration in an Amazonian rainforest?

    • Fanin N
    • Hättenschwiler S
    • Barantal S
    • et al.
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Research interests My research mainly focuses on the processes driving the soil functioning, from local to larger scale. I am particularly interested in understanding through which processes plant litter quality influence soil microbial and faunal activities, decomposition and respiration processes. Current research In collaboration with Stephan Hättenschwiler and Nathalie Fromin (CEFE-CNRS, France), I am currently working on the relations between resource quality and microbial functioning in tropical rainforest. The main objective is to understand the microbial limitations on litter and soil organic matter decomposition. To do so, I am using both field and laboratory experiments. First, I am trying to evaluate the links between litter quality and soil microbial respiration process in an undisturbed forest of French Guiana. Second, by adding carbon and nutrients in a full factorial fertilization experiment on the field (control, +C, +N, +P, +CP, +CN, +NP, +CNP), I am evaluating resource limitations on detritus-based forest ecosystems. Third, I am developing tools to understand the links between resource stoichiometry and microbial biomass stoichiometry using field and labs approaches.

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