Olga Botvinnik

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Research Interests

Using genetic data to inform patient treatment.

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Variation in homeodomain DNA binding revealed by high-resolution analysis of sequence preferences.

Berger M, Badis G, Gehrke A, Talukder S, Philippakis A, Peña-Castillo L, Alleyne T, Mnaimneh S, Botvinnik O, Chan E, Khalid F, Zhang W, Newburger D, Jaeger S, Morris Q, Bulyk M, Hughes T

Cell (2008)

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Professional experience

Associate Computational Biologist

Broad Institute

November 2010 - Present

Summer Researcher

HHMI Janelia Farm Research Campus

June 2008 - August 2008 (2 months)

Education history

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

B.S. in Mathematics; B.S. in Biological Engineering

September 2006 - June 2010 (3 years 9 months)