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Ong Yuan Er

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    If you ever wanna bribe me with something, it would be 1 year free supply of sausage mac muffin with egg and the whole darn set of copic water colour markers with 2 times refill ^^ I wonder how much would it cost....I love xiao long bao (salty ones only) I love pure chicken soup. I love Oni(yam paste) I love fresh salmon sashimi. I love fried soft and squishy tofu. I love tiramisu. I love beef half done or lesser. I love eating zhu chao's sliced deer meet with black pepper sauce. I love rice. I love tofu(said this twice i know) I love bread. I hate any grains other then rice and sweet beans. I love pizza I love cheese(espescially chesse) I'd add chesse in mac chicken. I love pork. I cant really tell if i like chicken or not, but yeah i like chicken. I hate fish except cat fish and bating fish(sama sama) and i love my home made salty pancakes. enough about food!! More about my interest: CLAMP is my GOD. CLAMP is my idol. CLAMP is my entertainment. CLAMP is my everything. Yeah, thats about it

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