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Oscar R Miranda

  • Ph.D.
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
  • Harvard-MIT (HST), Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
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Education: 1. In 2011, PhD in Chemistry (Organic/Nanomaterials/Bio), University of Massachusetts at Amherst Thesis Dissertation: Engineering Nanoparticles Surface for Biosensing and Biological Applications 2. In 2005, MS in Chemistry (Physical Chemistry/Nanomaterials), Villanova University, PA Thesis Dissertation: Effects of intensity and energy of CW UV light on the nucleation and growth of gold nanorods (AuNRs) 3. In 2000, MBA (Post-Graduated), Central American University (UCA), Nicaragua 4. In 1997, BE (Chemical Engineering), National University of Engineering (UNI), Nicaragua Publications: 1. Miranda OR, Ahmadi TS. Effects of intensity and energy of CW UV-Light on the growth of gold nanorods, J. Phys. Chem. B 2005, 109, 15724. 2. Miranda OR, Dollahon NR, Ahmadi TS. Critical concentrations and role of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) in the crystallization of gold nanorods within hexadecyltrimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB)/tetraoctyl ammonium bromide (TOAB) micelles, Cryst. Growth Des. 2006, 6, 2747. 3. You CC, Miranda OR, Gider B, Ghosh PS, Kim IB, Erdogan B, Krovi SA, Bunz UHF, Rotello VM. Detection and identification of proteins using nanoparticles-fluorescent polymer “chemical nose” sensors, Nature Nanotech. 2007, 2, 318. 4. Miranda OR, You CC, Phillips R, Kim IB; Ghosh PS, Bunz UHF, Rotello VM. Array-based sensing of proteins using conjugated polymers, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2007, 129(32); 9856. 5. Phillips R, Miranda OR, You CC, Rotello VM, Bunz UHF. Rapid and efficient identification of bacteria using gold-nanoparticle–poly(para-phenyleneethynylene) constructs, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2008, 47, 2590. (Inside Cover Picture) 6. Zhu ZJ, Ghosh PS, Miranda OR, Vachet RW, Rotello VM. Multiplexed screening of the cellular uptake of gold nanoparticles using Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry (LDI-MS), J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2008, 130, 14139. 7. Phillips R, Miranda OR, Kim IB, Mortenson DE, Subramani C, Rotello VM, Bunz UHF. Gold nanoparticle- conjugated polymer constructs: Understanding the electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions, Soft Matter. 2009, 5, 607. 8. De M, Miranda OR, Rana S, Rotello VM. Size dependent protein-nanoparticle self-assembly, Chem. Commun. 2009, 16, 2157. 9. Bajaj A, Miranda OR, Kim IB, Phillips RL, Jerry DJ, Bunz UHF, Rotello VM. Detection and differentiation of normal, cancerous, and metastatic cells using nanoparticle-polymer sensor arrays, Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. (USA) 2009, 106, 10912. (Featured in Chem. & Eng. News (ACS), Science Daily, Times of India, US News and many more) (Among top 20 most read articles in July 2009) 10. De D, Rana R, Akpinar H, Miranda OR, Arvizo, RR, Bunz UHF, Rotello VM. Sensing of proteins in human serum using conjugates of nanoparticles and green fluorescence proteins (GFP), Nature Chem. 2009, 1, 461. (Front Cover Picture) 11. Bajaj A, Rana S, Miranda OR, Yawe JC, Jerry DJ, Bunz UHF, Rotello VM. Cell surface-based differentiation of cell types and cancer states using a gold nanoparticle-GFP based sensing array, Chem. Sci. 2010, 1, 134. 12. B Yan; Zhu ZJ, Miranda OR, Chompoosor A, Rotello VM, Vachet RW. Laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry analysis of monolayer-protected gold nanoparticles, Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 2010, 396, 1025. 13. Bajaj A, Miranda OR, Phillips RL, Kim IB, Jerry DJ, Bunz UHF, Rotello VM. Array based sensing of normal, cancerous and metastatic cells using conjugated fluorescent polymers, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2010, 132, 1018. 14. Miranda OR, Chen HT, You CC, Mortenson DE, Yang XC, Bunz UHF, Rotello VM. Enzyme amplified array sensing of proteins in solution and in biofluids, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2010, 132, 5285. 15. Subramani C, Bajaj A, Miranda OR, Rotello VM. Biocompatible charged and uncharged surfaces using nanoparticle Films. Adv. Mat. 2010, 22, 5420. 16. Arvizo RR, Miranda OR, Thompson MA, Pabelick CM, Bhattacharya R, Robertson JD, Rotello VM, Prakash YS, Mukherjee P. Effect of nanoparticle surface charge at the plasma membrane and beyond, Nano Lett. 2010, 10, 2543. 17. Miranda OR, Creran B, Rotello VM. Array-based sensing with nanoparticles: “Chemical noses” for sensing biomolecules and cell surfaces. Curr. Opin. Chem. Bio. 2010,14, 728. 18. Arvizo RR, Rana S, Miranda OR, Bhattacharya R, Rotello VM, Mukherjee P. Mechanism of anti-angiogenic property of gold nanoparticles: Role of nanoparticle size and surface charge, Nanomedicine 2011, 7, 580. 19. Miranda OR, Li X, Zhu ZJ, Yan B, Bunz UHF, Rotello VM. Colorimetric bacteria sensing using a supramolecular enzyme-nanoparticle biosensor, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011, 133, 9650. 20. Arvizo RR, Miranda OR, Moyano DF, Walden CA, Guri K, Bhattacharya R, Robertson JD, Rotello VM; Reid JM, Mukherjee P. Modulating Pharmacokinetics, Tumor Uptake and Biodistribution by Engineered Nanoparticles, PLoS One 2011, 6, e24374. 21. Arvizo RR, Giri K, Moyano D, Miranda OR, Madden B, McCormick DJ, Bhattacharya R, Rotello VM, Kocher JP, Mukherjee P. Identifying new therapeutic targets via modulation of protein corona formation by engineered nanoparticles. PLoS One. 2012; 7(3):e33650. 22. Saha K, Kim ST, Yan B, Miranda OR, Alfonso FS, Shlosman D, Rotello VM. Surface functionality of nanoparticles determines cellular uptake mechanisms in Mammalian cells. Small. 2013 Jan 28; 9(2):300-5. 23. Vemula PK, Wiradharma N, Ankrum JA, Miranda OR, John G, Karp JM. Prodrugs as self-assembled hydrogels: a new paradigm for biomaterials. Curr Opin Biotechnol. 2013 Dec; 24(6):1174-82. 24. Yeh YC, Saha K, Yan B, Miranda OR, Yu X, Rotello VM. The role of ligand coordination on the cytotoxicity of cationic quantum dots in HeLa cells. Nanoscale. 2013 Nov 21; 5(24):12140-3. 25. Ankrum JA, Miranda OR, Ng KS, Sarkar D, Xu C, Karp JM. Engineering cells with intracellular agent-loaded microparticles to control cell phenotype. Nat Protoc. 2014 Feb; 9(2):233-45. Patents: 1. Vincent M. Rotello; Uwe H. F. Bunz; Oscar R. Miranda; Avinash Bajaj; Subinoy Rana; Detection of Normal/Cancerous/Metastatic Cells using Nanoparticle-Polymer and Nanoparticle-GFP Supramolecular Complexes. UMA 09-40, Submitted 2009. 2. Vincent M. Rotello; Uwe H. F. Bunz; Ronnie L. Phillips; Oscar R. Miranda; Chang-Cheng You. Novel Sensors for Detection of Pathogens, US Application Serial No. 12/313137. 3. Vincent M. Rotello; Uwe H. F. Bunz; Chang-Cheng You; Oscar R. Miranda; Ik-Bum Kim. Detection of Proteins using Nanoparticle-Fluorescent Polymer Sensors, US Application Serial No. 12/313116. Honors and Awards: 1. 2013 Rheumatology Research Workshop Scholarship Award (American College of Rheumatology (ACR) and Arthritis Foundation), Brigham and Women''s Hospital, Harvard Medical School (June 2013). 2. Arthritis Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship Award (PF), Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School (July-2012). 3. Translational Medicine Scholarship, Harvard Catalyst: The Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center, Harvard Medical School (Jun-2012). 4. NIH 2012 Beta Cell Biology Consortium (BCBC) Retreat Scholarship Award, Harvard-MIT (HST), Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI), Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School (May-2012). 5. William E. McEwen Outstanding Graduate Student Fellowship Award, University of Massachusetts-Amherst (Sept-2009). 6. Graduate Student Travel Grant Award, University of Massachusetts-Amherst (July-2008). 7. 1st Place SIGMA Xi Research Day, Villanova University Chapter (May-2005). 8. Graduate Student Travel Grant Award, Villanova University (March-2005).

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