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Pamela Gonzàlez

      Research interests

      New therapeutic procedures in Physical TherapyNanotechnology research applied to NeurorehabilitationMultiple Early StimulationSensory IntegrationNeurorehabilitation


      Degree in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy Specialty in. Student of the Master in Neurorehabilitation the Mexican University Center of Sciences and Humanities. Teaching Degree in Physical Therapy from the Mexican University Center of Sciences and Humanities. Therapeutic partner and director of the Center for Reintegration Physical Therapeia S.C, in the State of Puebla, Mexico Therapeutic domains: Manual therapy, Neurorehabilitation, care for patients of all age range with musculo-skeletal Neurological Disorders and conditions. Therapeutic exercise and movement therapy. Research areas of interest: Study and Management of Pain, Manual Therapy, Physiotherapy Obstetric Gynaecology, Psychomotor, neuroplasticity, Applications Pilates, Spinal Gymnastic Techniques, Neurorehabilitation. I have also participated as an expert adviser Thesis and Manuals oriented Neurorehabilitation, Movement Therapy and Neuro-Musculoskeletal Disorders. Participation in conferences: • Participation in the conference to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the Mexican University Center of Sciences and Humanities. Workshop: Physiotherapy obstetric gynecology. • Participation as speaker and facilitator of the conference-workshop "Gymnastics Vertebral" in the Universidad del Valle de Puebla, Tehuacan campus. November 15, 2013. • Participation as facilitator of the workshop "Psychomotor therapy for mechanical alterations column" taught in the II day in rehabilitation General Hospital Zona Norte de Puebla. April 4, 2014. • Participation as speaker of the conference "proprioception in the amputee" in the framework of the 5th day of update in Physiotherapy at the University of Oriente, Puebla. April 11, 2014. • Participation as a speaker at the symposium with the theme "Algorithm physiotherapy and occupational therapy for Guillain Barre syndrome in pediatric patients." Under the first Ibero-American Congress on Neurorehabilitation, University Mexican Center of Sciences and Humanities. March 27, 2015.