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Panayotis Antoniadis

  • Senior researcher
  • Universitat Zurich Institut fur Biomedizinische Ethik und Medizingeschichte
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Recent publications

  • Cyberspace Design: A New Challenge for Planners

    • Apostol I
    • Antoniadis P
    • Banerjee T
  • Peer-to-Peer Wireless Consortia: Economic Modelling and Architecture

    • Antoniadis P
    • Courcoubetis C
    • Efstathiou E
    • et al.

Professional experience

Senior researcher

ETH Zurich

October 2012 - Present


UMPC Sorbonne Universités

May 2006 - October 2012(6 years)



Athens University of Economics and Business

September 2000 - June 2006(6 years)


Panayotis Antoniadis is a lecturer and senior researcher at ETH Zurich. His main research contributions to date are in the economic modelling and incentive mechanisms for peer-to-peer systems and in distributed scheduling algorithms for high-speed switches. He is currently pursuing a cross-disciplinary research agenda on the role of social software and wireless networks for the design of sustainable hybrid neighborhood communities (project nethood). Panayotis received his Ph.D. degree from the Athens University of Economics and Business in 2006, and until 2012 he was a post-doc researcher at UPMC Sorbonne Universites in Paris.

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