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Paolo Berra

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Dr Paolo Berra, graduated in business administration (OPM) at Harvard University, is today a manager and CEO specialized in mechanical engineering. Paolo Berra is also a nuclear engineer (fission and fusion nuclear reactors) and a PhD physicist (particle accelerators for particle physics and cancer therapy), having worked at CERN in Geneva since 1998. At CERN, after a period in the project management team of ATLAS Collaboration, then a massive experiment for the new Large Hadron Collider (LHC), his interests in industry started. In this frame he was employed, as a CERN International Officer, in the new Technology Transfer Division and with TERA Foundation for Oncological Hadrontherapy. His main task was the development of particle physics tools for medical applications. Following then a successful achievement as responsible of the mechanical engineering design and construction of an innovative proton accelerator for cancer therapy (LIBO, Linac Booster project), he had been involved on the transfer of the accumulated know-how to a consortium of European industries. In 2003 he became the manager and CEO operating in mechanical engineering. Today Dr Berra is also a business angel investor in High Tech start-up companies, focusing his interests in mechanical and nuclear engineering, cleantech and medical applications. He is a regular columnist for science and innovation.

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IAG, Italian Angels for Growth, Private Equity

June 2012 - Present

Nuclear Engineer

TERA Foundation, CERN

January 2002 - Present

Nuclear Engineer


September 1998 - December 2002(4 years)

Researcher, M.Sc. thesis on CNAO project

IEO, European Institute of Oncology

December 1995 - December 1996(a year)


OPM Business Administration, executive education

Harvard University

May 2007 - March 2009(2 years)

PhD Nuclear Physics

Lyon University

September 2003 - October 2005(2 years)

M. Sc. Nuclear Engineering

Politecnico Milan University

December 1990 - July 1996(6 years)

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