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Patrick Weichert

  • PhD. Clinical Psychology
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Many Siberian Husky owners and rescuers, like Patrick Weichert, have taken the appropriate steps to train their Huskies in a way that benefits both the dog and the owner. As a highly intelligent and energetic breed, Siberian Huskies require careful, consistent training to become an effective member of an owner’s household. Owners should take consistent steps to take a leadership role in their relationship with their Husky by using positive reinforcement, practicing trust and dominance exercises, and establishing good, consistent routines and rules.

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PhD. Clinical Psychology

Union Institute

January 1983 - January 1988(5 years)

M.A. Psychology

University of Vermont College of Medicine

January 1982 - January 1984(2 years)

B.S. Education and Sociology

University of the State of New York

January 1981 - January 1983(2 years)

Liberal Arts

Springfield College

January 1964 - January 1966(2 years)