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Paul Peters


      Paul is the Principal Enterprise Architect and CEO at Fluxology SA. He has considerable international work experience throughout the European Union, and has been engaged in more than 60 projects in 19 different countries since 1999. Paul lists his qualities as loyal, ethical, and with a high degree of integrity. Buzzwords which may apply are “passion for excellence”, “roll-up sleeves”, “in-depth generalist”, “creative pragmatism”, ”aristocratic innovator”, “kaleidoscopic holist”. Focused on design and governance, Paul provides strategic, tactical, operational counseling and consulting services in the areas of enterprise architecture, system integration and collaboration, thus enabling frameworks and the technologies involved. Eager to learn and grow, Paul has acted in a variety of roles such as Programmer, Information Analyst, Project Manager, Finance Manager, Management Consultant and Chief Architect. Exemplifying deep expertise are specialilties such as performance optimization and tuning, architectural troubleshooting and quality assurance, general complexity (complex designs, complex problems, complex situations), as well as being a Sun certified instructor for everything Java. His main areas of functional expertise are Enterprise Architecture, Integration, Collaborative Commerce, Strategic Consulting and Change Management. These approaches encompass areas such as EAI, B2B, ERP, CRM and PLM as well as recent market trends such as SOA, BPM, Cloud Computing, Software-as-a-Service and Green IT. Paul has a private life as well. Recent activities involve solution designs for next generation software design patterns for applications and infrastructures, tools facilitate continuous improvement and easy governance, improved tools to facilitate a de-commoditization of the recruitment market, intelligent scans of contracts and service level agreements scans for continuous engagement models, a logical infrastructure for the semantic web, professional medical recommendation engines combining a holistic approach from Asian medical traditions, agricultural bio-diversity and dietary habits, and a product label with interwoven ecological and ethical footprints enabling consumer choice.