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Paulo Nuno Vicente

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Paulo Nuno Vicente works as a journalist in Antena 1, the portuguese public service radio. As a reporter he has produced several special reports, mainly in Guinea-Bissau, S. Tomé and Príncipe, Ceuta and Melilla, Lebanon, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel and West Bank, Chad and Central African Republic. He has been awarded the 2009 Prize of Journalism – Human Rights and Integration (Radio), for his report “Chad: in the dead heart of Africa”. This prize is delivered by UNESCO,ACIDI and GMCS. He has covered as a special Envoy several International Summits and European Union events in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia and Hungary. Author of the documentaries «Building Paradise» (ACEP, 2009) – awarded with the Prize of Maior, at Agrofilm Festival 2009, in Slovakia – and «Imperfect Triangles» (ACEP, 2010). He´s currently working on a new documentary, to be presented in the end of 2011. Journalism trainer (Deutsche Welle Akademie, Guinea-Bissau, 2010). He is graduated in Journalism (University of Coimbra), has an Advanced Formation on Journalism and Religion (Portuguese Catholic University) and a degree on Arab Language and Islamic Culture (University of Lisbon). He is now a PhD fellow in Online Journalism at the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences – New University of Lisbon, in the scope of the UT Austin-Portugal Program. He’s studying new non-fiction narrative formats and the transformations on Foreign Reporting/International Journalism in the age of digital networks. He has developed several weblogs on media and journalism studies (Chão de Papel, Report on Safety, Synergias, Dev-Mojo) and has published various fiction texts in some magazines and books. He´s also a passioned autodidact multi-instrumentalist. He plays acoustic and electric guitar for almost 15 years, and also developed some play skills on drum machines and synths (midi control of VST instruments).