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Per Falk

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If I try to define my own role in this group I guess it´ll be the practitioner. As a language teacher in a swedish gymnasium I´m trying to empower my students with a rhizomatic approach to knowledge. Not one - but many. Building lines of flight or multiplicities together, not just my definition of learning or my test of their "knowledge mass". As I´m not that fluid in english (speaking/writing) there is somewhat dauting challenge discussing this or trying to get around D&G glossary and then discuss it with the community. But I´ll try. For what its worth I´ll open up my classroom for experiments and discussion, as long as my students thinks its ok. I´ll open up another meny at my blog and try to translate some of the blogposts about rhizomatic learning, and what material I´ve used. So far its mostly D&Gs books, a review from Tobey Steeves and blogposts from Tobey Steeves, Mary Ann Reilly and Dave Cormier. Regards, Pelle //


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