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Peter Bergstein


      Born in Utrecht, Holland, Peter Bergstein is a sailing enthusiast and competed on the Holland international sailing team as a young man. A fan of the America's Cup, Peter Bergstein attended the event in 2013 in San Francisco. The America's Cup, a sailing competition that started in 1851 and has only been won by four nations since its inception, attracts the world's top sailors, yacht designers, entrepreneurs, and sponsors. His favorite book is Sail Like a Champion, by Dennis Conner. In addition to sailing, Peter Bergstein enjoys fly fishing, particularly in the mountains of Colorado. As a member of the Colorado Springs Fly Casting Club, he regularly visits Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak. Bergstein is also a member of the Garden of the Gods Club, also located in Colorado Springs. The Garden of the Gods is a national landmark and public park with unusual rock formations that draw millions of rock climbers and nature enthusiasts every year.