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Peter Nicas

  • CEO and Owner of Suki Group LLC
  • CEO
  • Suki Group


    Having worked in several senior management positions, Peter Nicas now serves as CEO of Suki Group LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. As owner of the company, he offers business counseling to corporations dealing with disintermediation. In addition to his work with Suki Group, Peter Nicas operates a landscape photography enterprise, Nicas Landscape Photography, LLC. - Mr. Nicas is has also been working on his fine art landscape photography portfolio thru all seven Continents. Still, to this day all photography is done with film using a Linhof 617. Mr. Nicas has not and never will use photoshop on any of his images. Before starting his own business, Mr. Nicas functioned as president and CEO of Professional Travel Guide LLC, a travel website that relied completely on advertising revenue. During his leadership, the site grew to over 1.5 million pages of information on luxury travel, with close to 2 million unique visitors each month. Earlier in his career, he operated as executive vice president of worldwide corporate development at Microsoft Corporation and PlaceWare, Inc., and executive vice president of strategic and business development at Flycast Communications Corporation, where he was later promoted to president. He holds a BA in business administration and finance with a concentration in biochemistry from Lenoir-Rhyne College in Hickory, North Carolina.

    Professional experience


    Suki Group

    January 2010 - Present


    Business Administration

    Lenoir-Rhyne College

    January 1978 - January 1981(3 years)