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Pierre Etevenon

  • DSc, PhD, Directeur de Recherche honoraire INSERM
  • Directeur de Recherche honoraire
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Pierre Etevenon is a senior researcher in biomedicine and electrophysiology, and an honorary Director of Research with INSERM in France. A Doctor-ès-Sciences (D.Sc.), Ph.D and chemical engineer, his main focus is on the study of states of consciousness, wakefulness and sleep. While in Caen (Normandy) from 1988 to 1999, he founded the Laboratory of EEG mapping in the Esquirol Centre of the University hospital (CHU Côte de Nacre, Pr. Zarifian) and later under the aegis of INSERM (Research Unit 320 headed by Dr J-C Baron). He was previously an INSERM researcher in the Sainte-Anne psychiatric hospital in Paris (1967-1987) with Pr Deniker and Pr Boissier (INSERM Research Unit 19 in neuro-psycho-pharmacology), after completing his initial training at Princeton University, NJ, USA (1965-1966) with Pr Leonide Goldstein. There, in the New Jersey Neuro-Psychiatric Institute headed by Dr. Humphrey Osmond (the father of "psychedelics"), he made a particular study of the effects of hallucinogenic drugs in humans and animals. He is the author of seven books: Des rêves pour changer votre vie , two volumes : L'ascenseur des rêves, tome 1, La pratique par des exemples de rêves, tome 2 [Dreams for changing your life], ErickBonnier-editions, 2013 ; États de conscience, sophrologie et yoga [States of consciousness, sophrology and yoga], Sand-Tchou, 2006; L'Homme éveillé. Paradoxes du sommeil et du rêve [Wakefulness. Paradoxes of sleep and dreaming], Sand-Tchou, 1990; Du rêve à l'éveil. Bases physiologiques du sommeil [From dreaming to awakening. The physiological basis of sleep], Albin Michel, 1987; and Les Aveugles éblouis. Les états limites de la conscience [When the blind are dazzled. Borderline states of consciousness], Albin Michel, 1984. 46 articles by him, referenced in PubMed/Medline, have appeared in international publications (in all, he has had some 143 papers and articles published). He directed three scientific documentaries including La Caverne de Platon. Cartographie EEG d'une nuit de sommeil et de rêve [Plato’s Cave. EEG Cartography of a night of sleep and dreaming], CNRS-Images, 26mn). He is a member of the scientific social network, of the Société Française de Recherches Médicales sur le Sommeil [French Society for Medical Research on Sleep, SFRMS], a senior member of the IPEG, an emeritus member of the CINP, a member of the Société des Gens de Lettres (SGDL, the equivalent of the P.E.N. Club) and of SCAM. Marquis Who's Who in the World updates from 2011 to 2015, Marquis Who'sWho in Medicine and Healthcare 2011~2012.

Recent publications

  • Des rêves pour changer votre vie. La pratique par des exemples de rêves. Tome 2.

    • Etevenon P
  • Value of quantitative electroencephalography in psychiatry

    • Etevenon P
    • Péron-Magnan P

Professional experience

Directeur de Recherche honoraire


January 2000 - Present

Chargé de recherche INSERM puis Directeur de Recherche

Centre Esquirol, CHU Côte de nacre, Université de Basse-Normandie

January 1988 - December 1999(12 years)

Directeur de recherche INSERM

Unité 320 INSERM (at CYCERON : head Dr J-C Baron)

January 1988 - December 1999(12 years)

Chargé de recherche INSERM

Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne, Service de Santé mentale, Pr P. Deniker

January 1977 - December 1987(11 years)

Attaché puis Chargé de recherche INSERM

Unité 19 INSERM de Neuro-psycho-pharmacologie, Pr J-R Boissier directeur

January 1967 - December 1977(11 years)

Research assistant and later research associate

New Jersey NeuroPsychiatric Institute, Neuropharmacology Dept, Pr Leonide Goldstein

January 1965 - December 1966(2 years)

NATO Grant, post-doc fellowship

New Jersey NeuroPsychiatric Institute, Neuropharmacology Dept, Pr Leonide Goldstein

January 1965 - December 1966(2 years)


Docteur ès-Sciences (D.Sc.) en sciences naturelles, cum laude

Université de Paris 06 - Université Pierre et Marie Curie

January 1967 - November 1977(11 years)

Ph.D., docteur en chimie organique (3ème cycle) , cum laude

Université de Paris-Sorbonne

January 1960 - December 1962(3 years)

Chemical engineer


January 1958 - December 1961(4 years)

Licence ès-sciences d'enseignement en physique et chimie

Université de Paris-Sorbonne

January 1955 - December 1960(6 years)

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