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Research interests

computational modelingFinite element analysisCarbon nanotube reinforced polymer


My work is focused on the elastic and dynamic properties estimation of carbon nanotube (CNT)-reinforced polymer composites based on numerical, analytical and experimetal approaches. In elastic property evaluation, a square representative volume element (RVE) based on the micromechanics and continuum theory is considered instead of entire periodic structure. Interface region was consiered as a third pahse in this invetiagtion and it is found that interface has significant influence on elastic properties and a important phenomena in material property invetigation. Hence, a morphological analysis alongwith tensile, bending and impact testing was performed to investiaget the failure beahviour of these composites. The purpose of this work is also to use the functional grading concept in CNT-reinforced polymer composite. Fuctionally garding of fiber in polymer matrix have influence on the static and dynamic behaviour composite structures. In this line, static bending, buckling, free vibration and forced analysis of FG-CNT reinforced composite structures (i.e. beam and plate) were conducted by approximate and numerical techniques. As an improvement in existing work, a layer wise functional grading of volume fraction of CNT was proposed in this analysis. The effect of MWCNTs structure, interlayer spacing and their distribution pattern was important consideration in this work. I am also passionate and interested to implement the idea of CNT- functional grading in MEMS and NEMS and recognize their working under the hygro-thermal Environment.

Publications (1)

  • Numerical evaluation of effective elastic properties of CNT-reinforced polymers for interphase effects

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    • Srinivas J
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National Institute of Technology, rourkela