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Raul Diazzle

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    "There is a vast difference between being outstanding in a field and being out standing in a field. But it's possible to be both. You know, simultaneously." - Aviva G-izzle wizzle "never a stranger, always strange" - Great Philosopher and Herpetologist E. Timpe 'Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.' - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr "the architects of a wicked sound that distills a cross of swamp water, moonshine and nitro down to a dangerous and unstable musical substance." - The Cramps Herpetology, Comparative Morphology/Genomics, Genetics, Development, Merging my love for Natural History and Systematics with understanding the genetics behind morphological change...yeah, thats sexy i have >1500 B-/Horror movies from back in the day.... lots of pets... black/death/thrash metal, psychobilly, hardcore punk albums... if its on the radio, i dont listen to that shit... i hate new metal bands with breakdowns, why???? 98.9 The Rock here is the worst station thats ever existed.... i like pets that can be harmful (not venomous like a lot of dweebs)... i also like mexican food... i think Taco Bell is the devil.. unless you are broke .. im trying to be a better guy, im not competitive, but i am not as accepting of many other's traits as i can... except spoiled kids and greeks... other than that im cool... i also cant stand antisocial folks... be a nerd, not a geek .. i want to braid my beard

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