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Revista Intropica

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INTROPICA is a scientific peer-reviewed journal that provides a space for the publication of contributions that study and interpret, in an integrated way, tropical ecosystems and the environmental problems arising from the anthropogenic intervention on the territory. It appeared in 2004, supported by the editorial of the University of Magdalena, and by the initiative of a group of academics and researchers members of the Institute of Tropical Research of the University of Magdalena. The journal INTROPICA is available for free on digital version ( and in printed version (ISSN 1794-161X) and it is distributed to specialized libraries from academic, governmental and non-governmental institutions.

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  • Palabras clave: dípteros; flebotominos; desarrollo embrionario; huevo

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  • Verde que te quiero verde: una mirada feminista para la conservación de la biodiversidad Verde que te quiero verde: A feminist perspective of biodiversity conservation Intropica 14 (2): en prensa Versión Post-print

    • Klier G
    • Núñez P

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