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Richard Hoadley

  • PhD
  • Senior Lecturer
  • Anglia Ruskin University

    Professional experience

    Senior Lecturer

    Anglia Ruskin University

    September 1990 - Present

    Charterhouse School Composer-in-Residence

    Ralph Vaughan Williams Trust

    September 1988 - September 1990(2 years)



    Department of Music, University of Durham

    Research interests


    In recent years Richard Hoadley has composed using his own bespoke systems implementing physical interfaces and algorithmic software which together generate original compositions in real-time as a feature of the performance. He has developed a number of devices including the 'Gaggle' which investigate and facilitate physical interactions with musically expressive algorithms for installations, performances (including dance) and therapeutic environments. In 'Calder's Violin' (2011-12) he included methods for the live presentation of algorithmically generated notation and augmented scores, an approach developed further in 'The Fluxus Tree' and 'Quantum Canticorum' in which physical movement and gesture generates music notation which is then performed live by an instrumentalist. He is affiliated with the Digital Performance Laboratory at Anglia Ruskin University.