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Richard Tabor Greene

  • SB MIT, MA MA PHD U Mich Taught MBAs U Chicago
  • Master of Design DTMA & Professor of Creativity KEIO Univ. SDM
  • De Tao Masters Academy & KEIO Univ. Systems Design & Management Grad School
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MY RESEARCH INTERESTS NOW: ventures as anti-bigness anti-blue-suit cultures; transplanting leaders/products/practices across cultures; measure cultures of devices and users and use their interactions to predict sales, versions, pricing; invent intellectual tools for thinking across fields, professons, nations; measure impacts of devices/systems/leaders on social indexing levels of groups and measure high indexing level impacts on performance; novelty science---invention, creation, design, innovation, venturing, discovery; comprehensive models: of creation (60 models), of innovation (45 models), system effects (256), design approaches (64), silicon valley dynamics (420), natural selection dynamics (128); make a science of design by uniting fashion, art, with engineering deisgn; express design processes in terms of combinations of 60 models of creativity; use valid bio model of natural selection to build evolution dynamics models of other fields--markets, knowledge evolution, technology evolution; invent new sciences--error science, chance science, quality, surprise, performance, fashion, culture; map knowledge evolution dynamics across fields and turn into 2 year PHD research course whose homework is the dissertation, aimed at theory and pratice tipping points of fields; space science---design spaces, happiness spaces, performance spaces, virtual worlds, gaming worlds, city-fication operators that turn spaces into homes; invent meta-sciences (science of sciences): system engineering, transplants across cultures, design and invent cultures, excellence science--54 ways to the top of all fields; career science---64 ways to the top of all fields; engagement science--50 ways to engage execs/employees/customers; invent new interfaces---that replace ancient ones--replace prose with fractal pages, make readings publishable with macro diagrams, replace meetings with scientific rules of order, replace discussions with social automata; invent new intellectual tools--for strafying emotional reactions, for modeling reaction to reactions of others, for diagramming topologies of thought, for representing reality via multi-scale fractal variables; re-do PLATO via excellence science--54 distinct ways to the top of all fields; define each of those 54 empirically from 8000 people in 41 nations and 62 professions (educatedness 64 capabilities; leadership 64 functions, the 64 functions of all arts; etc.) causality science and engineering--changing from correlations to mechanisms, changing from narrow relations without boundary conditions to sets of variable changes of high practical impact; combine tweak 1000 variables approaches with find one tipping point approaches; deliver leadership by means other than fixed inventories of people of special social classes; measure when and where what type of leadership functioning is needed; revolutionize education via replacing prose with fractal pages, replacing classes with research events, replacing fake reading with diagrams of the 50 main points of each chapter--published; MY LIFE IN A FEW LINES: 20 years in Japan/China + 3 yrs Europe + 20 years USA; college degrees: MIT (SB), U of Michigan (2 MAs,1 PhD), college teaching: U of Chicago & Japan's top prvte. univ.; Work: EDS, Coopers & Lybrand Consulting, Xerox PARC; Sekisui, Matsushita, Thompson Elec.Paris, N.V. Philips; NGO: mass workshop venture-design events & fund raising; invented: replacement for prose, AI Circles, 9 businesses; master of: total quality, innovation, cultures, interfaces; designer: info, interface, software, fashions, product, events; author of: 22,800 pages, 14 books, 2 McGraw Hill books; PROUD of: my 175 Greene Seminar grads, the village in Korea whose incomes I doubled permanently, the women whose arthritis I cured by rehab & yoga not drugs; my wife; my books especially, Are You Creative? 60 Models.

Recent publications

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  • EXCELLENCE SCIENCES: 54 Routes to the Top of Nearly Any Field EXCERPT

    • Greene R

Professional experience

Master of Design DTMA & Professor of Creativity KEIO Univ. SDM

De Tao Masters Academy & KEIO Univ. Systems Design & Management Grad School

July 2010 - Present

Professor of Design Creativity and Innovation

KEIO Grad School of System Design and Management

April 2010 - Present

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Dimensions of Difference DESIGNS

January 2001 - January 2016(15 years)


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