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Robel Aleguin


      .. ♓ sun, ♐ moon and ♊ rising ..need and want nothing less than the TRUTH ..great listener me or hate me, i don't care.. i don't live for flattery. ..sees life through a kaleidoscope.. ..loves children :) ..i have a pretty strong intuition, i can smell a liar from a distance.. :3 (seriously) ..extremely vulnerable, physically (esp. with sharp objects) and emotionally.. .. adaptable and resilient.. ;) ..affectionate and understanding (ehem) :> .. has a strong sense of justice (due to sag moon) ..i tend to be childish at times.. :3 ..playful.. extremely playful ..brooding and mysterious.. (but not with the people i love) ..I'm not snobbish, i just want to be alone sometimes.. :)