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Robin Cheung

  • PhD Candidate, Mendeley Advisor
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Professional experience


Tutor Doctor

May 2010 - Present

AMDS PhD (Finance) Student

Walden University

June 2008 - Present

Financial Analyst

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Performance Measurement Consultant

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

Research Analyst

Industry Canada, Government of Canada


AMDS PhD (Finance)

Walden University

June 2008 - Present


McMaster University, Michael G. DeGroote School of Business

September 2000 - December 2002(2 years)

BSc Honours, Biology and Biotechnology

Carleton University

June 1994 - December 1998(5 years)


Lisgar Collegiate Institute


I am currently a PhD student at Walden University in the AMDS programme, Finance specialization. I am passionate about applying my individual strengths and competencies as a researcher and I feel my best contributions to society will be in the field of research and education. A strong champion for change in the way research is and has been done in the past, I believe that Mendeley's new cloud- and social graph-based citation management paradigm has the potential to, for the first time in history, truly align researchers' motivations with genuinely seeking the truth; remove the reliance on low-validity prestige metrics (eg. Impact Factor). Mendeley is revolutionary in that the same mechanism that provides researchers with what they want (better access to and management of related research) using a mechanism that also holds them accountable to evaluate research purely on merit and validity. Our of passion for science and society, as a Mendeley Advisor, I hope to facilitate the migration to Mendeley as the first step towards a science that truly aligns the motivations, tools, and outcomes with the quest for the truth. After completing my OSSD in the gifted programme at Lisgar Collegiate Institute, Ottawa, I completed my BSc (Hons.) in Biology and Biotechnology at Carleton University, Ottawa (1999) and my MBA at McMaster University, Hamilton, ON (2003). As a former Finance Analyst in CIBC's Finance and Retail Markets groups, one of the projects I was involved in around 2001 was to develop a comparative analysis database and populate it with metrics relevant to bank stability and performance, such as Tier 1 Capital Ratio. I was to include all Canadian and US Banks and Broker/Dealers. The difference in regulatory capital structures between Canadian and US banks was already apparent at the time; even as recently as 2009, Tier 1 Capital Ratios of Canadian Chartered Banks hovered around 10%--well higher than the OSFI requirement of 7% and more than twice the required amounts by Basel II. My future research interest--and hopefully dissertation topic--will focus on elucidating the impacts of regulation in the banking industry, such as Basel II, and the specific contribution of the various metrics that were instrumental in Canadian bank stability; hopefully, this will lead to future research to optimize regulatory requirements for performance. Current research interests also include application of Financial Engineering concepts to development Shariah-compliant debt-substitutes for integrating into capital structure and ensuring academic freedom in an era of dwindling tenure-track positions and increasing adjunct faculty. Special interests in research design and methodology. On the side, I administer a cluster of ESXi 7/vSphere 4.1 cloud-based Asterisk VOIP/unified communications servers to provide low- to no-cost voip services to subscribers around the world.


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