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Roman Alther

  • MSc
  • PhD student
  • Swiss Federal Institute for Environmental Science and Technology
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Research interests

Aquatic ecology


Amphipods are common and abundant crustaceans found worldwide. They constitute a crucial component of macroinvertebrate communities in aquatic ecosystems and contribute substantially to the functioning of the trophic relationships within aquatic systems. Although the ecological importance and widespread distribution is recognized, the actual diversity and distribution of amphipods is still understudied in many areas, particularly in Switzerland. For example, up to now there exists no detailed overview of all amphipod species from Switzerland, no identification keys and especially very little information on amphipods in alpine and higher elevation habitats. Additionally the biogeographical role of the Swiss Alps as origin of four major drainage areas in Central Europe is generally poorly understood and needs further investigations. A high degree of endemism can be observed in plants and animals, highlighting the importance and vulnerability of these habitats. The same can be expected in amphipods, but has hitherto not been validated. With my PhD project I aim to close these gaps.

Co-authors (12)

  • Moritz Rövekamp

Publications (5)

  • Amphipods of Switzerland

    • Alther R
    • Švara V
    • Fišer C
  • Das Hölloch: Ein Flohkrebs-Hotspot in der Schweiz

    • Alther R
    • Fišer C
    • Konec M
  • Diversity and systematics of amphipods in Swiss rivers: River network structure shapes community structure

    • Alther R
    • Altermatt F
  • Global phylogeography of <i>Gammarus lacustris</i> G . O . Sars , 1864 , the most widespread freshwater amphipod species

    • Väinölä R
    • Vainio J
    • Usjak S
  • The 17 th International Colloquium on Amphipoda

    • Lo Brutto S
    • Schimmenti E
    • Iaciofano D

Professional experience

PhD student

Eidgenossische Anstalt fur Wasserversorgung Abwasserreinigung und Gewasserschutz

June 2014 - Present

Education history

MSc in Biology

Aquatic Ecology, Eawag

March 2012 - May 2013(a year)

Bachelor of Science in Biology

University of Zurich

September 2008 - August 2011(3 years)