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Roselynne Rae Talimio


      NOTE: Please don't add me if you don't know me in person! I'm begging you. Also, please don't take offence/offense (both spellings are acceptable) if I have chosen to un-friend you. It's nothing personal; just that I'm really a nice person and I don't want to have to ignore people's requests nor to have to accept them and then fidget over which list to put them in. If you must know, I keep my facebook account active to be able to keep in touch with friends/acquaintances/other stuff. I put my photos in private and my wall is only available for viewing to a select few. I've stopped playing many games and I don't use any other applications. I also post rarely and when I actually do, I doubt it would be of any relevance to you because, (surprise, surprise) I don't know you! Also, know that, despite my profile picture remaining stagnant for more than a year, this account still is active. I just really have nothing to replace it with. LOL. It doesn't bother me much because I hate taking pictures of myself-- which is a good thing because I don't like looking at my face anyway! What really bothers me is that it bothers you that you think this bothers me. I don't mind having this picture. I DO mind that you think I'm weird.. Well, I am weird but let's leave that conversation for another time, k? TL;DR this account is active and by adding me as a friend (if you don't really know me), you will have nothing but one less space in your friends list and one more chance for an awkward in-real-life encounter. BUT LOOK, if you think adding me is absolutely necessary and pertinent to the development of your very person then, please, by all means, do it. I will not hate you, I virtual pinky promise. :) See? I am nice. ~June 2011