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Roxy Iheartdaniel


      Crazy bout [Visual-kei], [DIR EN GREY], [metal], [Japan], [Kyoism], [friendships], [yaoi], [anime&manga], [guitars], [J&K-drama] READ MY INFO PAGE AND IF WE HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON FEEL FREE TO ADD ME :D don't go like adding me for nothing! ^-^ ★ My real name is Sara--… Roxy, Koru (コル), waru-chan, Sarumoshi, Misa-chan, Yumi and Fartatou [butterfly] are my nicknames (`∀´v) ☆ I’m Syrian but I live in the UAE, Abu Dhabi with my sisters [Rama and Dana] ^o^ ★ My BirthDay is on 24th of October, but it was written 1st of November in my passport -.- ☆ WHAT I DO IN MY LIFE: I’m a Civil Engineer, learning guitars, I have opened the Japanese Club in my university and I was in charge of IT activities of the club ^-^ ★ Me was a guitarist in a band; ||compleXdisorder|| (*´ω`*) now disbanded! ☆ I can be really really crazy when I want to [almost the whole time *.*] that’s what got my friends to think I’m retarded! but am moody so any small thing might bother me and i don't hide my anger >.> I do drink and smoke XD emm political/religious views don't interest me~ I can hear but i don't discuss them~ and when I do discuss them, i prefer if the opp party to shut up completely :/ ★ I don’t like bitches! But I can be bitchy with people who acts bitchy with me ;D ☆ Yaoi owns my soul *.* Hara-chan is my yaoi-queen!~♥ am another supporter of bisexuality and homosexuality [it's about human rights ppl!!] ANIMEEE my favourite anime couples are SasuXNaru [Naruto] and LightXL [Death Note]..KaoruXKyo is my OTP, and everything with uke-Kyo is love![ I also like DiexKaoru, DiexShinya, DiexKyo, KaoruXToshiya, AoixRuki, RukaxYomi, UruhaxRuki and many others xD] ★ I love KYO [vocalist of Diru] more than anything! hehe XD I used to appreciate friendships but I guess those who call themselves "best friends" don't exist, I can't trust any but I totally enjoy spending time with ppl :) ☆ I have two babies~ my cat, Kyochi[[IF ANYTHING BAD HAPPENS TO THIS CREATURE, I DIE DX]] and I own a black sexy Altima~ its name is Aruchima-chan ^-^ ★ ~ I LOVE animals~ especially cats! so if u r an animal hater, don't come near me -.- ☆ I wish someday I will be able to visit the world and travel to each country <3 I dream of living in a old-traditional-Japanese house for the rest of my life <3 If you want to know me more feel free to add my e-mail or visit my LJ account :D or follow me on twitter @RoxyNishimura *flees* :3