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Roy Jennings

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I believe that there is such things as the unknown that go "BUMP" in the night.beliefs and knowledge from others. I have an open mind and with my religion being PaganParanormal Activities and spiritual grounds. I love to research spiritual religions


My name is Roy Jennings. I was born in Moberly, MO. Thursday November 12, 1970. I was married to my first wife in February of 1994. We had two children, Sarah and Damien. Got divorced in July of 2001. I was remarried in December of 2001 to a very personal, close friend. We had two children of our own, Alyssa and Lindsey. I joined the military in 1997, went to boot camp and AIT. Graduated AIT in 1998 and went to my Army National Guards Unit in Mexico, MO. In the year 2001 I went active straight from the Nat. Guards. While in Active Army, I have been to Fort Leonardwood, MO. 2001-2003, Fort ? Darmstadt, Germany 2003-2004, The Fort at Darmstadt, Germany (22ND Signal BDE) was disbanded in the beginning of 2004, Fort Carson, CO. 2004-2009. I was deployed twice; once in 2003-2004 from Germany, then again in May 9, 2007-October 17, 2007. I was wounded in Iraq after six months of deployment in 2008 and shipped home to FT. Carson, CO. There I was in the Wounded Warriors Transitional Unit (WTU) from Oct. 17, 2007 to August 2008. I was Medically Retired from the Active Army Service in Aug. 2008. I have been blown up five times, shot twice and bludgeoned almost to death by the Iraqi enemy in a HAND TO HAND COMBAT situation. I am an Activist for 10 years then in 2009 I became a Lobbyist. I also started a small business as a Paranormal Investigator along side with a friend of the family Heather Mace. I was in college at Colorado Technical Institute in Colorado Springs where I was taking Criminal Justice. I am now in the process of finding a different college that teaches about Paranormal and Spiritual History. Even though pour job has just started, if you need any assistance in debunking or acknowledging any paranormal activity then give me a call or email me. If you just want to get to know me then you can go to Face Book or just email me and ask any question you want. I am a patient man so don't try to push any buttons on me because I guarantee it won't work. If you have any problems with my religion and my way of thinking and philosophy of life than I guess friendship isn't what you want. To become my friend you will need to work on it and prove that you deserve my friendship. Once I befriend some one it's for life.

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Paranormal Investigator

Paranormal Investigation

January 2007 - Present

Paranormal Investigator & Lobbyist for the State of Colorado

Paranormal Investigator of Colorado

January 2007 - Present


Colorado Technical Institute Online

October 2009 - February 2010(4 months)