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      RUSH Defense & Fitness Academy is located at 165 Morristown Rd. in the beautiful town of Bernardsville, NJ. The "Academy" is a unique private training facility designed and developed by Master Instructor Richard Raciti, Founder of NJ's oldest and most respected Mixed Martial Arts Academy, The EDGE Ultimate Martial Arts in Saddle Brook, NJ. Classes at RUSH will be offered to adults, kid's, teens, and parents that demand the very best. The Academy specializes in private instruction/ personal training, small group classes and family classes. Courses of instruction offered: Sil Jun Do Tactical Self Defense, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Executive Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, MMA Boot Camp, Body Rush Personal Fitness. The Academy is unique because of our total commitment to the excellence of our students. What makes our training environment world class is our quality teaching staff, our proven training methods, and the friendly supportive training atmosphere you'll find at The Academy. All of these dynamic elements come together to make The Academy a refreshing approach to self-defense, personal training, and total body conditioning. At the Academy, we are not concerned with what was, but with what works. You will find our training stream-lined, practical, and most importantly, effective. We don't spend time on ineffective techniques, or martial arts pageantry like board breaking or forms (Kata's). We are concerned with giving our students the best training available because we know that a false sense of confidence will always betray you in an actual time of need. Our staff sets the standard for cutting edge training practices by regularly attending clinics and seminars. All of our instructors from Master Instructor Richard Raciti on down still train, learn, and improve on a daily basis. When we find a better training method or approach, we adapt it and change for the better. Our flexible attitude and willingness to change and grow is what training at The Academy is all about. That dynamic allows each student to develop their own unique method and way based on their personal strengths. Training at The Academy will unleash your true potential. URL- Location- New Jersey, United States