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Russell Todd Crawford

  • Richmond, Virginia, Psychology PhD Student
  • PhD in Psychology with an Emphasis in Cognition
  • Doctoral Candidate


    Currently a doctoral candidate in Richmond, Virginia, Russell Todd Crawford studies general psychology with an emphasis on cognition. He researches the various group, social, and cultural elements that impacts decision making and social awareness. Russell Todd Crawford also has extensive professional experience in the mental health area. Most recently, Mr. Crawford served as a mental health clinician and psychology associate with the Department of Corrections in Richmond. He has administered assessments relating to mental health disorders and suicide risk, and performed biopsychosocial evaluations. Collaborating with a number of fellow professionals, he also managed diverse aspects of cases, including involuntary commitments, and performed crisis interventions. Additionally, as a member of the Alternative Detention Initiative committee, he helped implement a half-year cognitive behavioral therapy program and other program elements. Passionate about animal welfare, Mr. Crawford has worked to investigate cases of animal cruelty and neglect. He also is involved with rehabilitating those that have suffered from starvation and abuse. Russell Todd Crawford holds membership in the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and volunteers with other local animal rescue organizations.

    Professional experience

    PhD in Psychology with an Emphasis in Cognition

    Doctoral Candidate

    May 2011 - Present

    Education history


    Liberty University


    Webster University