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S 佐里 櫻井 S


      Minna,If you want to keep in touch with me,pleas ask me back coz lately I am so busy...Onegai m(_._)m Don't REPLY under my comment! FEEL FREE TO ADD ME AS YOUR FAMILY IN THIS FB (^V^☆) I like searching many friends. I don't like people who said bad word or not polite to me.I don't like people pretended kind or care to me,especially abandon me...I HATE IT.In other side,I can be kind to other people if that people can kind to me.And I am moody...but always cheerful especially remember Sakurai Takahiro and Sakamoto Shougo *blush* XD I like Yaoi so much~~~I like joking :3 =============READ PLEASE FOR NEW FRIENDS: *I'm so sorry that I WON'T accept Friends Request this time.I am quite busy.You can add me if : 1.You want to help me as Officer in my group. 2.To be my friends in my games (FV,Pet Society,Restaurant City,Petville)*send message* 3.Send me message if you really want to talk with me (coz I don't want to approve then they don't talk to me after that.And you must accept that I am busy so I'm late to reply comments coz many comments I accept. ==============================