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S. M Davis

      Research interests

      Grant-writing & ManagementWorkforce DevelopmentYoung Entrepreneurship DevelopmentCommunity Development and EngagementEconomic Development; all areas.Everything! I seek knowledge to understand.


      Back story: I work at a small Chamber of Commerce in a small (-ish) city that is rife with challenges, but it is also ripe for opportunity. I am in the research phase of a Socio-Economic Development Plan for a community plagued with poverty- failing educational systems (yes, with an 's') churning out a poorly-educated, low-skilled workforce, causing many businesses to locate elsewhere which is why there is a lack of jobs and high unemployment rate. City Hall's disconnect with the real community is deplorable. And of course, corruption at every level of leadership is standard. I do not have a formal education in the economic development field (or any field remotely related) to guide me through or even to substantiate my (limited) authority on the subject. But... I can research with the best of them! And I see the big picture. I understand how each piece is integral to a vibrant community. Until I arrived here, I thought it was common sense. Apparently, it isn't.