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SaaDiyah Aslam


      Ok me............ I love my life and yes i believe in having as much fun as possible. I am absolutely not interested in sports and thats the only thing that turns me off. I h8 lying and wannabees So watch out !!! think i m cute and adorable at tymes and can be a sincere friend Can be really sensitive and touchy at times and a complete drama queen lyke over reacting over emotional and over excited People think I have a really pretty voice I dont :P hehe Like to live life slowly and no need for speed at all Yeh saari baatein kafi hain ya aur kuch bataoon :P I am a poem that doesnt rhyme... Self contradictions can never end.... No one understands me and no one can.......... So dont even try coz you ll fail BIG TYME another important thing... I JUST HATE ATTITUDE.... AND i select my friends my self