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Saeid Pirasteh

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    Dr. Saied Pirasteh is currently Senior Researcher at University Putra Malaysia (UPM) and teaching master and Ph.D. students in ITMA, UPM, Malaysia. He is also fellow and Representative of Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) for development in Iran and Middle East. Dr. Saied Pirasteh is core member of Hydroinformatics Asia (HI4A) program ( He was Associate professor of Islamic Azad University, Dezful Iran, from 2002 to 15 July 2008. He has completed his B.Sc in Geology, M.Sc Applied geology in Remote Sensing and Ph.D in Remote Sensing and GIS from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh India from 1993 to 2002. He was also visiting Associate professor and Post Doctoral fellow of Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand in 2005-2006. Dr. Saied Pirasteh has passed training courses in IT and RSGIS from India and Iran during 1999 and 2001. Well known to the RSGIS softwares like ERDAS, ER-Mapper, Arcview, PCI, ENVI, Rivertools and etc. Dr. Saied Pirasteh is author of numerous international and national publications, papers and books on various subjects of Geospatial technology and applied RSGIS for the earth. He was also Director of Geo information technology of RCCSS, Esfahan Iran. Dr. Saied Pirasteh is Director of Association of Geoinformation Technology (AgIT). He is organizer and Chairman of international conferences for GiTNDM and Rehabilitation that Association of Geoinformation Technology (AgIT) organize in the world. He is Organizer and Co-chairman of International conferences on Health GIS that Association of Geoinformation Technology (AgIT) held in the world. Dr. Saied Pirasteh is editorial Board and In-charge of International journal of Geoinformatics (IJG) which is publishing in Thailand ( Dr. Saied Pirasteh is In-charge and executive member of AgIT. He is also member of editorial board of and editor (GiT4NDM Special issue) of International Journal of remote Sensing. He is editor member of Central European Journal of Geosciences. He is Editorial Board of International Journal of Disaster Advances ( and International Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment He is also Editor Member / Reviewer of International Journal of Physical Sciences ( He has supervising students and several projects on Water management (hydrology), environmental, Geology, Structural and Tectonic, Oil and mines detection using Remote Sensing and GIS, and disaster for earth resources and sciences. He is also life member of Indian Society of Remote Sensing. Dr. Saied Pirasteh is Member of Asian Institute of Technology Development Network Forum. He has been supervising Master and Ph.D students from Iran, India and U.K. Dr. Saied Pirasteh is an instructor of UNIGIS program for Salzburg University (Austria)-AIT (Thailand). Dr. Saied Pirasteh has been in First Prize position for best researcher and teacher of the Islamic Azad University, Iran (2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008). Dr. Saied Pirasteh is interested in further research in Applications of geo information technology for the earth sciences. He is willing to do research mainly in Environmental Sciences, Mapping Water management (hydrology) oil and mine exploration, structural geology and tectonic, disaster management and other applications of geo information technology.

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