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Salwa Mohammad


      أَلاَ بِذِكْرِ اللّهِ تَطْمَئِنُّ الْقُلُوبُ أيّها الشّاكي وما بك داء كيف تغدو اذا غدوت عليلا؟ I was born in 1979 in my village (Taiz)… the 3rd child in a family of eight children (have 4 sisters and 3 brothers, who were all born in Sana’a) … studied and was grown up in Sana’a ....since English was my favorite subject in school, I selected it to be my major in the university :) …Had my BA degree in English language and literature (2002) from Sana’a University – Faculty of Arts-3rd outstanding student in a batch of 75 students with the honor degree.... Finished my MA in English Linguistics (Syntax) at Sana’a University in 2007.... Worked as the academic supervisor of The New School (an English school in Hadda) for two years.... Taught English at Sana’a University in addition to teaching English courses for adults at institutes and at the UMS (University of Modern Sciences)....Have been running the SIS preschool office since January 2006.... Planning to start my Ph.D study soooooooon InshAllah :)