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Sammy Martinez

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People who say its impossible obviously didn't try hard enough, god didnt make anything in this world impossible... Well there isn't that much to say about me. Im a really cool kid and a person you can talk to. I love basketball and football. My most missed memory would have to be Intermidiate School at Seabrook. One important thing about me is that i care how peolple are feeling no matter who they may be. I open my arms as god opened his arms to me.Im very easy to get along with and I can easily start a conversaion and keep it going. I love making people laugh its just who I am i just like seeing people happy not sad or in a bad mood. I make bad choices but learn from my mistake. God plays a factor in my life. He has impacted my life and has brought out the good loving person I am. Hanging out wit my friends is fun especially when were just chillin and doing whatever. For fun I like listening to music watch Sports center and do kid stuffand cause mischief. Im not afraid to have a good time or do something daring. A lot of times I act like a kid lol. There are alot of poeple i look up to tht are my own age. I have a dream of wanting to work as a business manager or own my very own business. My family mean alot to me. My brother and sister change my life and will always be there for me as well as my friends. My mom says that im a very intresting child but she loves me so. I have good memory and bad.Well there you have it me only me nothing else.

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Network Security Administrator, Programmer

Sun Packing